Affirmation Stones

Ever looked at those lovely stones with  ‘power’ words such as peace, love and dream and thought “I like those, but they don’t sing to me”? Well it’s not difficult to create your own affirmation stones with words and even images that resonate more personally with your own life or path. You choose need a couple of things. Your tools to create these are simple, especially if it’s just words you want.

Affirmation #1

  • A fine permanent pen (you’ll fine these in most craft shops or online, and you can find them in many colours)
  • If you want to add coloured images – Some acrylic paints
  • Some artist varnish to seal and protect the paint. You can find this as a spray in either matt or gloss. Again in artists shops or online. If you buy in a jar, you will need a soft flat brush. And not heavy bristle. Something like the brushes in the image below and about 2′ wide. No less that 1 1/2′
  • Plus, of course, some stones. These are better if they are flat and a reasonable size too. Around about the size of your palm

brushMake sure your stones are smooth or you’ll find it difficult to write on the surface and your stones are also clean.

What you write is entirely up to you, these are your stones. If you are unsure, sit and meditate on this. Make notes of your ideas…or just write down, on paper, what comes into your head without too much thought. Just remember, once you have written onto your stone it’s permanent and cannot be erased. So start on paper and  make sure you are happy with your words.

You will find creating these beautiful stones very calming and will allow you to think clearly. It is a very meditative activity. You may want some calm music

Affirmation #3playing in the background as you work. Some herbal tea, candles and incense such as lavender or white sage (you can buy this as incense sticks and cones). All these will help to clear your mind and make it a very enjoyable and quiet time.

This is also a lovely activity you can do with your children. Have them create their own special stones.


Hope you do give this a try. And if you do, I hope you share some pictures in the comments.

Blessings and Namaste

~ Pagan Hare