Tarot and Oracle Readings

Working in Solitude

CYMERA_20170927_093430.jpg 27th September 2017
Cards Used: Tarot of the Old Path, Botanical Inspirations and Woman’s Runes


Most people have an independent streak, though there are some who have it more than others. Here is see a feminine energy who prefers to work in solitude. She has a tender but determined heart with bags of patience. She can be fiery, but that is more with regards to her work ethics than her own personality. Even when everything seems as if it could fail she succeeds in keeping everything in balance.

She holds a sprig of mistletoe in her hands. This is a sign of obstacles. Things getting in your way. But she holds it with an air of calm. She doesn’t allow such things to phase her. And nor should you. Don’t ignore these obstacles. But face them head on and deal with them calmly and rationally. Regardless of what your endeavour is you will face such things. It is guaranteed. As is reflected in the Infinity Rune, it will always happen no matter how well you pay attention. Being all virtues about such things and saying it will be fine is all well and good, it will be ultimately your actions that speak for you rather than your words, as we see with the Majesty & Virtue card.

But you’re not completely alone. In the background there is a strong but calm man who keeps you close to his heart. He’s not a young man, nor is he old. Though this could be more about attitude than age. He works hard himself. But keeps a watchful eye over you too. He doesn’t wish you to over work yourself and to remember he is there for you. But equally well he want interfere.

Life is good and you are pretty happy with how things are as is reflected by the Rune of Ecstasy. Just don’t get too wound up in everything or you could lose sight of life around you.

End of reading….

~ Pagan Hare