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Tarot and Oracle Readings

Feeling Blessed


29th September 2017

Cards Used: Words and Whispers by Linda Ravensctoft , Botanical Inspirations and Woman’s Runes (to learn more about these beautiful runes visit


Another beautiful spread of gratitude and growth…

It is so easy to forget how blessed we are. Life can be busy and fast passed and we get lost and wound up so much in our lives…we simply forget. Until we see someone less fortunate than ourselves. Then we’ll say how blessed we are.

Each day we should remember and be thankful. Even on our darkest of days we may well be more blessed than another. So remember to be thankful for each day you have. Show gratitude for the clothes on your back, the food on your plate and the roof over your head. Feel blessed for the love of your family (remember not all family are linked by DNA) and friends.

Such gratitude will give you strength and grounding too. And never forget some of your happiest days. Those days that seem almost perfect. Give yourself space, time alone on occasion to reflect on these and maybe see what you can being forward to now to help you to grow as an individual or maybe even improve upon what you did.

What ever you choose to do with such memories, be thankful for those too. Cherish all that you have, big or small.

End of reading….

~ Pagan Hare

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Words and Whisper Oracle Reading


26th September 2017
Type: General Universal Reading
Cards Used: Words and Whispers by Linda Ravenscroft, Botanical Inspirations and Woman’s Runes

What beautiful cards. I really love these cards. There is growth, light…so much to see

As always the wheel has turned. Like light and darkness this is inevitable. It is never ending and something we cannot change. Much of life is starting to go to sleep ready for the long winter. And growth has pretty much ceased. But that doesn’t mean we should become dormant like the trees and small mammals. We can and should continue to grow.

You thrive on growth and are protective of this. This we can see with the Growth card and Rune of Protection. With the Rune of Laughter and Key To Your Heart we see that that growth and progress is the thing that brings joy into your life . And of course you will encounter bumps on the road. That is something we don’t always have control over. There is always light and darkness in life and like the wheel of the year will always continue to move in and out of your life. It’s part of life. You need to learn to look at the road ahead so you can see these bumps in the road. This is reflected in the card of Anticipation.

There will be times you will have no choice but to continue on that path. But you will be able to reduce the damage. Make it easier, if you have been paying attention and seen it coming. When this happens don’t wallow in self pity. Instead learn from this and try to avoid such bumps in the future.

End of reading….

P.S: I pulled one card from my new oracle deck Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides and it was The Weasel. I had to laugh as it completely reflects the reading. It means you should keep an eye on the road ahead. Be silent. Pay attention and observe with your eyes and ears. Be observant of your surroundings!

~ Pagan Hare