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Making Your Mark…

This is one of my favourite books AND my witchy bible. I don’t normally advacate writing in books. But in this case I write in this book a lot. I decided I wanted to add to the book.

So I’ll add to the entries Scott made, such as anything new I’ve found in folk lore books. I also add plants that are not there and I also add information on herbs I’ve  descovered myself through feeling their energies through touch or dowsing.

So make it your own. Add to it your own findings. Don’t be affraid to experiment by feeling plants vibration and listen to what they are telling you  and note it down!

Interesting Articles

7 Witchy Ways To Use Your Garden Herbs


As a witch I love to work with herbs. I use them as tea, in fact 99% of the time I only drink herbal tea. I also use them as handmade incense, pouches, herbal sprays and potions; as well as cooking.

Here is an article of some of the ways you can use home grown herbs!

The garden is so abundant right now and the fall equinox has passed which means it’s time to bring in the last of the garden herbs and put them to good use. I’m always one for drying herbs for cooking, to add to soups and stews when the weather gets cold, but sometimes I feel like something’s missing – like there is more to garden herbs than just their culinary uses.

Also, All Hallow’s Eve is right around the corner which has me feeling a little extra witchy these days. So to celebrate the turning of the seasons, I’ve compiled my list of 7 Witchy Ways to Use Your Garden Herbs, where I’ll be discussing other uses for your witchy herbs, uses that lie beyond the kitchen.

7 Witchy Ways to use your Garden Herbs- The Hip Homestead

Witchy tip #1:
 Drink Mint & Lemon Balm for Health

Mint and Lemon Balm are abundant in my garden and so easy to grow. Mint is known to soothe the digestive system and lemon balm is said to calm the nerves and restore youth. These herbs can be either steeped together in hot water for a light herbal tea or pop a few leaves in your daily water bottle to add a refreshing cool flavour to your daily 8 glasses. Either way, drink these witchy herbs daily to restore your health and vitality.

For the complete article go HERE

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A Little Gem of a Find!


Bought myself this little gem. I wanted something to do potions etc that wouldn’t allow metal to be in direct contact with the liquids and found this lovelt enamled Turkish coffee pot. Absolutely perfect and wasn’t too bad in price. Just waiting for my muslin bags now 🙂

You can buy it here 👇