Tarot and Oracle Readings

New Beginnings


Just a quick note before the reading. I shall be only doing a universal reading once a week. This is because it takes time, with the typing up the reading, editing and then posting can take around an hour and I am now getting busy as it’s that time of year 😊

If you would like a reading then by all means message me and I will give you details about my readings.

Now to the reading…


04th October 2017_

Cards Used: Green Witch Tarot by Ann Moura, Botanical Inspirations and Woman’s Runes (to learn more these beautiful runes visit @brigidsgrove http://www.brigidsgrove.com)


We are now approaching the celtic pagans new year, Samhain. It is the final harvest and a time we remember our ancestors and loved ones past. A time when the veil is at it thinnest between our two worlds.

And because it is our new year it is when we say good bye to the old and welcome the new. A time if change and new beginnings as we see with the Daffodil of Rebirth & New Beginnings.

This is a time of joy when we can think of the path we walk and remember to be confident in our choices and have faith, which I see in the Rune of Laughter and the Rune of Faith. This path is one of new skills. Putting them to good use and making a living from these skills. It want ne a big living to start with. But I do see happiness and confidence.

An ability to take what you have and work with it in your favour, creating a happy home and a happy you. You enjoy what you do and everything will pan out as long as you keep faith in you and what you can do; which I see in the Two of Pentacles and the Ace of Pentacle. Balance, new skills and happiness.

This is all reflected in both the Rune of Protection and The Star. Both cards showing balance in our lives and things going well. With the rune it also shows you are protective of what you have. Of this life you so love, as you should be. Enjoy!

End of reading….


~ Pagan Hare


Tarot and Oracle Readings

Feeling Blessed


29th September 2017

Cards Used: Words and Whispers by Linda Ravensctoft , Botanical Inspirations and Woman’s Runes (to learn more about these beautiful runes visit www.brigidsgrove.com)


Another beautiful spread of gratitude and growth…

It is so easy to forget how blessed we are. Life can be busy and fast passed and we get lost and wound up so much in our lives…we simply forget. Until we see someone less fortunate than ourselves. Then we’ll say how blessed we are.

Each day we should remember and be thankful. Even on our darkest of days we may well be more blessed than another. So remember to be thankful for each day you have. Show gratitude for the clothes on your back, the food on your plate and the roof over your head. Feel blessed for the love of your family (remember not all family are linked by DNA) and friends.

Such gratitude will give you strength and grounding too. And never forget some of your happiest days. Those days that seem almost perfect. Give yourself space, time alone on occasion to reflect on these and maybe see what you can being forward to now to help you to grow as an individual or maybe even improve upon what you did.

What ever you choose to do with such memories, be thankful for those too. Cherish all that you have, big or small.

End of reading….

~ Pagan Hare


Little Treasures – Charm Casting


About a week ago I spotted a post on one of my witchcraft groups on Facebook. It was regards to a post by the owner.of the group. She’d talked about her Charm Casting kit and how she was doing a course of the subject. I saw some of the pictures she shared of her charms and I was sucked in instantly.

I nipped onto Google to find out more.  It was shocking how drawn I was to this form of divination. I was utterly enchanted by the idea.


Next thing I know I was heading up stairs to see what I had in my charm collection.  Then a couple of day’s I found bags of assorted charms on ebay. One pack arrived today. I’ve another tomorrow. So excited.  Already I have found these little treasures singing to me as I pick them up and whisperinh their secrets too me. I cannot wait.to use these.  Very exciting.

I have a couple of favourites. The brass button for me signifies secrets and silence. My other favourite is the Besom which for me signifies cleansing and clearing out the rubbish. And the Life Ring which signifies being sent a lifeline of some kind. A rescue from something negative.


I hope to do an article about this in the future.


~ Pagan Hare