Early Signs of a Haunting…

I spotted this blog post about spotting the early signs of a haunting.  Thought it was very interesting. I’ve encountered many of these myself. In one work place encountere sudden nasty smells that went as quickly as they arrived. And hidious feelings of not being alone. I myself have always sensed spirits and seen them too, I am a bit of a magnet and so they’ll  often gravitate to me and and as an empath I have felt their emotions, yes that is possible and it can be incredibly upsetting.

My old home was haunted by 3 spirits. One of which was very mischievous. He’d take things and return them to the same plays days, weeks and one item 2 years after it went missing. Other than that they weren’t bothersome. We’d here them walking around upstairs or hear a door close. I used to talk to them and light incense daily in their honour as they were pleasent souls.

I did get the odd passing soul, who’d visit. One that caused issues. I actually saw with my own eyes it throw something across my bedroom. My own spirit guardian (he used to be a house spirit and he latched onto me. I see him as my guide now) intervened. After that I put uo a protective barrier to keep anything negative away from my home.

Hope you enjoy this interesting article as I did.

Namastw and blessings

~ Pagan

The haunting season is upon us. A few weeks ago I talked about the most common types of hauntings here . Today I am talking about signs and symptoms, the early stages of a haunting or ghostly presence. These are not all necessarily bad things, and often times we can coexist or even just live with it. […]

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