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One True Home


We have one TRUE home…Mother Earth! When it all goes wrong, we cannot pack our bags and move some where else! This is it!
We are her caretakers and protectors of all life…That is how it is meant to be!!
As Pagans we MUST step up and be counted. Make ourselves heard! And set an example to those who do not follow our path!
We must not cherry pick what we do and do not protect! We must not contradict who and what we stand for by acting against the Earth and all her children!
Remember…Mother Earth isn’t just OUR home!! ~•●)○(●•~


Listen, Attend…Re Blog

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Though not directly to do with witchcraft or paganism, we are about communication. With ourselves, coven member’s, nature, the gods. How ever you see this, this short blog makes for an interesting read!

Blessings and Namaste

~ Pagan


Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time. While no single conversation is guaranteed to transform a company, a relationship, or a life, any single conversation can. Speak and listen as if this is the most important conversation you will ever have with this person. It could be. Participate as if it matters. It does.

– Susan Scott

We spend much of our lives in conversation. We converse with our partners, our children, our parents, our workmates, our neighbors, everyone around us. How well we attend to the other person is often another story. We are often chatting while doing something else. Anything else. Driving. Watching TV. Making dinner. Texting. Listening to music. Watching for our stop on a bus or train.

People make a big deal out of young people (in particular) texting or being on social media rather than communicating face to face. In truth, some of those texts or social media conversations are very intense. The participants are attending closely to what the other is saying. Some of those conversations are skimmed and content or context missed. But that’s true in face to face conversations as well. We’re alive inside our own personal thoughts, actions, reactions, but not necessarily to what the other is communicating.

Each conversation we have with each person who is in our lives is important, significant in its own unique way. Conversations are about ebb and flow, the back and forth give-and-take of interactions. When we are distracted or focused on something other than the person with whom we are communicating, we miss cues to the deeper message behind their words.

We all want to feel heard, to be heard, to have another respond to us as though we are, in the moment, the most important person in the world. In truth, in those moments of deepest communication, we are that important. In order to receive that focus from another, we must be willing to give it. We must be willing to slow our pace. We must be willing to stop our attempt to ‘multitask’ and attend to another person. Listen. Attend. It’s important.

How many times have you walked away from a conversation with no recall of its content? or its context? What has distracted you during your most recent conversation with another person? and the one before that? When was the last time you felt, thought or believed that another person was not paying attention while you were speaking to them? How did you feel? What can you do to keep your attention in your next conversation?


General Blog

Blessings & Welcome

Blessings to you all…

I must apologise if everything is a little untidy right now. I am swinging between two blogs at the moment, this one and my vegan blog ‘The Witchy Vegan’, which is now pretty much set up.

This one will take longer as I am moving content from the old blogger site to here. I’ve grown tired of blogger and it’s rubbish editing possibilities via the mobile app. With WordPress the editing is the same via the app as it is on the computer. After that it simply get’s down to which is the easiest to use when moving content 🙂 At the momentmy focus is on filling the pages with the content from blogger. Then I’ll start thinking about blogs!

So watch this space…This acorn is growing, all be it slowly…But it is growing!

In the mean time may your days be blessed with beautiful things..

Blessings and namaste

Pagan Hare )O(