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A Kitchen Witch Book Find!


Found this beautiful book on Amazons marketplace for a fabby £2.50!

N.B: Full price is £12.38 on Prime

Such a pretty ‘feel good’ book with some fabtastic spells amd recipes in! I also love the stunning illustrations too. Right up my Diagon Alley 😂



Here is a funny tale…When I first started out in Witchcraft I was known online as Cerridwen Greenleaf 😋 some still know me as that!

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My Witchy/Pagan Shares

A Little Gem of a Find!


Bought myself this little gem. I wanted something to do potions etc that wouldn’t allow metal to be in direct contact with the liquids and found this lovelt enamled Turkish coffee pot. Absolutely perfect and wasn’t too bad in price. Just waiting for my muslin bags now 🙂

You can buy it here 👇

My Witchy/Pagan Shares

Favourite Books

A very short post for me. It’s just a few of my Witchcraft books, three by Scott Cunningham and one by Lexa Rosean.
If you like to make potions  etc I highly recommend Scott’s ‘Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs’ and ‘Potions, Oils & Brews’. I would also recommend purchasing a couple of good identification books for wild flowers and plants and also one for herbs.
I also recommend  Lexa’s ‘Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients’ that doesn’t just include herbs, but such things as iron nails and egg (though as a vegan I’m unlikely to use egg now).
I have done a reviews of Scotts Magical Herbalism Book here!
I shall share more favourite books at a later date.
Blessings and Namaste
~ Pagan Hare